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Hi everyone I am looking for a pair of rear grab handles with out the indicators as I want to change the rear end
Trying to remove the drive sprocket on a 2019, ive flattened out the washer put bike in gear, and held foot on the rear brake still no luck, is it left handed threads?
Helmet question. I bought one of the Indian branded modular helmets. Not the best quality helmet I own, but not bad at all - comfortable, quiet, light, all tick the boxes but I will needs a new faceshield soon and I have no idea who makes these helmets for Indian - any ideas?
Hi Max, I hope all is well. I am just folloiwng up on your post from a couple of years ago on the Conti RA3's you installed. I'm looking at a set of 120/70ZR19 front, 160/60ZR18 rear and given you have had them for a while I am wanting to see if you still think this is the way to go?

Thanks in advance.
Max Kool
Max Kool
Wayne hey! I still think that’s the way to go. You’re going to love them.