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Thank you for having this forum really appreciated. Just got mine just at the beginning of starting to play with speccing it. I have had Japanese bikes all my life so this is a huge step to me but I have never looked at a bike and loved it so much.......

I took it out for the first time yesterday and so many strangers came up to me and wanted to talk was mad.....
Hello, I just joined your group. Any suggestions on where I can buy a complete TOCE exhaust in titanium at a better price? Thanks
They only make it in stainless, and TOCE rarely has sales.
Hey bud,
I was hoping you could tell me, what year is your bike. Mine is 12/20, and it’s a stock 1200 s. Just had the reflash to prevent the cold stall. How does it go with no cat...

I need to try and convert mine some how.. yours must be louder right..?
Did you need to do any re-tuning.?
kiwi dave
kiwi dave
Mine is 08/20, so the same as you.

My silencers/mufflers are stock, but I installed a short bypass pipe for the cat converter. Not obnoxiously loud.

My bike ran like crap at lower throttle settings, so I purchased a Dynajet PV3 from Fuel Moto.

In hindsight, I should have persevered, as the latest map from the Indian factory fixes most issues.
i just bought aa 2022 base smoke and im wondering if the baffles can be removed. has anyone removed them from the 2022 base?
Hi Max

Hope you´re fine.

Please can you send again some photos from your small tank bag.
...nothing similar in Germany available.
My thought solution looking rubbish and too big.

How are the costs for yours?
Where did u buy? Do they ship to Germany?

Please answer to [email protected]

Max Kool
Max Kool
Helge, hi!

It’s a Bushwhacker Reno bag, intended as a bag on the bars of a mountain bikes.

10 bucks on Amazon, but I bet you can find something similar quite easily.
Perfect, will find (y)
Hey Max....found and ordered....will create a magnet fixture
Hi all from West Palm. Getting an FTR tomorrow. Question: Is it better to get the Standard and spec it out or get the S? My only big ticket items would be to get a catless exhaust and tune.
Hi Everyone, I just purchased a 2019 FTR 1200 S. Traded my 2017 Ducati Desert Sled for it. I put 100 miles on it since yesterday. 👍 I installed hand guards and a small windshield. Ordered the license plate undertail kit for it....not digging the ladder bar system. Anyone near the Orlando area?
Ferraiolo what do you still have for sale? I am new to this site and just bought a 2019 FTR. Let me know what you have. I live in South Dakota. Thanks Bill
I live in Alaska. Nearest dealership is in Washington State. I really want an FTR1200S. If I buy one I will have no warranty support. Is anyone having big or huge issues with their FTR1200?
Any body got an aftermarket silencer for sale?
Or is just worth removing cat?
Removing the cat without a tune the bike will run very poorly without a tune. If you use an aftermarket tuner it will void warranty. I decided to leave the cat and go with a slip on to avoid any warranty issues in the future.
Jaywally87 You haven't gained anything by fitting a slip on unless it's OEM approved simply because changing anything on the exhaust system invalidates the warranty you are trying not to compromise. Your dealer obviously play hardball! I ran without a cat for 10 months and it did not run poorly. Getting it tuned just makes you realize how good it could have been and what you have been missing!
Currently building an FTR1200SRR as a tribute to the original "Indian Wrecking Crew". Will make the FTR look like Bobby Hills for the most part but have discussed making the other two bike after this one.